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    Monthly Meeting Payment

    Membership Roster

    To view a roster of our membership or search for a current member, use our Member Directory search option by clicking this link:  Member Directory

    Membership Update

    You can view your current membership profile and/or update your information (address, phone number, e-mail address etc.) by logging into the directory linked above.  Once you have logged in, please click on the Profile Icon (located in the upper-right hand corner) to display your current details. If you wish to make change, please click on the "Edit Member Info" button.

    Membership Renewals

    Click the link below to renew your current membership with Decatur Area Chapter SHRM #0555.  Membership dues are $50. There is a $5 discount if you are a National SHRM member. 

    We would like to encourage you to renew your membership with Decatur SHRM!

    Pay for your 2019 membership via paypal or download the invoice here.

    Member Spotlight 

    Please sign up to be a pre-speaker with Tina Gist ( complete your information and give to Tina at the chapter meeting for publishing on the Members Only Section. To view the PDF version of the membership spotlight document, please click the following link. /sites/